The Vision Behind the Shades


With little experience but a natural ingenuity for design and creation, Jason made painstaking efforts to create magic from the mud. A visionary in urban fashion, Jason takes exclusive and limited, well-made street wear to a new level.

Smoothcats in a lifestyle and apparel brand that focuses on bringing exclusivity back to fashion at affordable prices. Jason exemplifies what a little hustle and vision could do for any Cape Verdean kid from the South Side of PVD. 

Jason believes that designing gives him the ability to show people things that they couldn't see for themselves. He wants people to feel comfortable in their own skin and have the courage to pursue the passion free of judgment. 
 Creating Smoothcats has been like creating a vessel towards true freedom. He believes that the ability to provide for himself and his family with only the guidance of his own voice and the support of his followers is invaluable. 
"Life is so much worth living when you actually do it.
“Creativity as freedom”